Dread Nautical Developer Zen Studios Reflects on Apple Arcade Launch

Dread Nautical Developer Zen Studios Reflects on Apple Arcade Launch

Zen Studios released tactical RPG Dread Nautical alongside Apple Arcade and would "absolutely" support the platform again in the future.

On September 19, Apple Arcade finally hit iOS, Apple TV, and Mac devices with a ton of interesting exclusives and a pretty enticing price of $4.99 a month. One developer who supported the platform at launch was Zen Studios. Though they are known mostly for their pinball games, their Apple Arcade launch title was Dread Nautical, a turn-based strategy game with RPG and roguelike elements. Reflecting on Dread Nautical’s launch with DualShockers, Zen Studios’ Publishing VP Mel Kirk had great things to say about Apple’s new service and mentioned that the Hungarian developer would like to release games for the platform again in the future.

As for why Zen Studios chose to release Dread Nautical via Apple Arcade, Kirk mentioned that “Apple communicated a very clear vision about what Apple Arcade was meant to be and what the service hopes to achieve.” As Apple and Zen Studios shared “a lot of common ground on strategy, the future of games and how Apple would position Apple Arcade to players all over the world,” launching Dread Nautical alongside Apple Arcade ending up being an “easy choice.”

The developer is also happy with how Dread Nautical and Apple Arcade have performed thus far, though they did not discuss any licensing details. “We are incredibly excited to be among the first games on Apple Arcade. Our expectations were really based on what we could control ourselves: make the best game possible. Dread Nautical is a game we are very proud of and I think it is really cool that from day 1 the game can be played in mobile, Mac and TV formats with special optimizations for each device. Apple seems to be doing a great job of making headlines for Apple Arcade, we’re happy so many people have the opportunity to discover a game from Zen Studios,” Kirk explained.

Ultimately, Mel Kirk says that Zen Studios would “absolutely” support Apple Arcade again in the future. “Apple is a fantastic partner, we have enjoyed working with all involved in Apple Arcade.” Dread Nautical is available now exclusively through Apple Arcade on iOS and Mac devices.