Dreadnought Enters Open Beta; New Trailer Released

Dreadnought has entered open beta on PC, and has received a new map.

Today publisher Grey Box and developer YAGER announced that they have begun an open beta for their game Dreadnought. At this time it is unknown when the open beta will end.

The developer also revealed that when the new beta launches, the game will be receiving an all new map called Ixion. You can find a description straight from the developer, below:

Situated in space 60,000 kilometers above Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, this new battleground forces players to maneuver around the colossal orbital ring that dominates its center. Narrow gaps within the superstructure allow ships to cross from one side to the other, but players must be wary of what dangers lurk on the other side.

In addition to that, players will be able to try out night-time variations of Rings of Saturn and Red Sands. 

YAGER says the beta will enable feedback from players about what they want to added, balanced, or removed from the game.

Finally, the developer released a brand new trailer for the game, which can be found at the bottom of the article.

Dreadnought will be released on PC and PS4 sometime in 2017, with the beta being available on both systems. If players want to join they can do so clicking here for the former and here for the latter.

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