Dream Responds To Racism Allegations After Fans Call For Him To Be Cancelled

Dream responded to the allegations on his private Twitter account.

Dream may become that latest in a long line of internet celebrities to be ‘cancelled’ following recent racism allegations.

It all began on June 9 when a Twitter post was created by a user accusing Dream and his fanbase of being racist. The Minecraft star has since responded to the allegations via his private Twitter account.

This isn’t the first time Dream has found himself on the end of some bad accusations. Just recently, the star was accused of cheating in his Minecraft speed runs. He has since gone on to admit the mistake, check out the link below for the full story.

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Dream Responds To Allegations

On June 9th, #DREAM_OUT began trending on Twitter. The reason being is due to a detailed thread by Twitter user teenofdenials accusing Dream and his fanbase of being racist.

Dream took to his private Twitter account to respond. Due to his personal Twitter account being private, his response was revealed via Twitter user Simp_allert, who posted the screenshots for all to see.

In his statement, Dream said that he wants “this community to be as inclusive and supportive as possible”. He also goes on to state that he doesn’t support any form of racism or any anti-black or anti-minority behavior.

To finish his statement, Dream linked to a thread of black content creators that he encouraged his fanbase to support.

It’s unclear exactly why Dream didn’t make this statement on his main Twitter account, with many fans eager for a more official statement for all to see.

Anthony Padilla Interview

It was only very recently that Dream was required to release a statement after his comments surrounding ADHD medication.

In a recent interview with Anthony Padilla, Dream revealed that he has suffered with ADHD since childhood. The content creator also revealed tha the was prescribed medication but poured it down the drain.

“I had ADHD medication, and I was like nah…I remember pouring it down the drain”. Although Dream did go on to state that he didn’t know if that was a smart decision or not, and that he didn’t encourage others to do the same, it still caused uproar on Twitter.

After fans and critics took to Twitter to question Dream’s message surrounding medication, the YouTuber responded by saying “mom wake up the new dream controversy just dropped”.

The Minecraft star, who has over 23 million subscribers on Youtube, just can’t seem to avoid controversy lately.

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