Dream Announces He Cheated In Minecraft Speed Run

The accusations can finally be put to rest!

By Kyle Knight

May 30, 2021

Dream has quickly risen to fame in the Minecraft community over the past year, but some of it hasn’t always been for positive reasons. After countless accusations surrounding his incredibly quick Minecraft speed runs, Dream has announced he accidentally cheated in a 1.16 run.

The popular Minecraft star posted a lengthy post in which he apologised to his moderators, and also detailed how he accidentally cheated in his 1.16 Minecraft speed run.

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Minecraft Dungeons: Hidden Depths – Official Launch Trailer

Who Is Dream?

Dream is one of the most popular gaming content creators on Twitch and YouTube, with over 4.7 million followers on Twitch and over 22 million subscribers on YouTube. He also has one of the fastest-growing channels in the history of YouTube.

Not much is known about Dream’s personal life, even throughout his massive amounts of success, he has never revealed his face to the public. It remains to be one of the biggest mysteries in the Minecraft community.

Dream Admits To Cheating

After various accusations surrounding Dream’s Minecraft speed runs, Dream released a lengthy statement in which he admits to having accidentally and unknowingly had a mod enabled during one of his runs.

The mod in question was to increase the drop rates of Ender Pearls, which can be extremely hard to come by. Of course, for those that know Minecraft, you’ll know that Ender Pearls are required to get to The End, defeat The Ender Dragon, and complete Minecraft.

Increasing the drop rate of Ender Pearls means you are greatly increasing the time in which it takes to complete Minecraft, thus, tampering with the time of the speed run.

After seeking help from a professional statistician, his moderators rejected the findings from the professor stating that his numbers were “off”. The professor admitted to the mistake and although he claimed the moderator’s numbers were still slightly off, his findings deemed that Dream must have cheated.

Dream then posted the professors findings and admitted he had accidentally been using a mod during 6 of his live streams. He claims the mod was from a previous video and that he had discussed using the mod openly with his fans.

The Minecraft star claims that this incident was an honest mistake, but he does go on to apologise to his moderators stating, “I felt really terrible for the mods because I dragged them through the mud even though they were mostly right”.

You can read Dreams full statement in the tweet above.

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