Dream Eaters Love Tummy-Rubs in Kingdom Hearts 3DS

on December 23, 2011 10:00 AM

Upcoming Kingdom Hearts title Dream Drop Distance has ditched longtime companions Donald and Goofy in favor of Dream Eaters — multicolored creatures that heroes Sora and Riku can collect to assist them in battle. Players can level-up their Dream Eaters on the field or by engaging them in mini-games. One such feature has players utilize the 3DS touch screen to rub their Dream Eater’s belly, which will improve their compatibility statistics with the player. Weird, but adorable.

Dream Eaters aid our heroes with chains of combo attacks — no word yet on whether or not they will able to use items on you and cast Cure like Donald and Goofy would. Mini-games are cutesy affairs, one such being a rhythm game in which Sora and his Dream Eater show off their moves like Jagger.

On another note, it seems that the Final Fantasy characters inhabiting the Kingdom Hearts world have all relocated to Radiant Garden (formerly Hollow Bastion) and have made it their home base. Square Enix has chosen to throw a new set of characters in the mix, the cast of The World Ends With You, settling them in Traverse Town. Check out some screenshots from Famitsu:



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