Did Dream Do A Face Reveal On Twitter After Reaching 20 Million Subs?

Fans are still begging to see the Minecraft star unmasked!

Many fans are begging the faceless Minecraft star Dream to finally reveal his face on Twitter after reaching 20 Million subscribers, but did he give in?

Dream is usually in the news more often than not for being involved in some sort of Twitch/YouTube drama. If you want to read all about the latest drama between Dream and Kaceytron, you can find out everything at the link below.

Who Is Dream?

Dream is a gaming YouTuber that is best known for his Minecraft content. In just over a year, Dream grew his YouTube channel to over 10 million subscribers. His channel is now of the fastest-growing channels in the history of the platform. Dream is well known for not revealing his face throughout his YouTube career. However, as his fame has reached an all-time high many fans are begging for his face to finally be revealed.

You can find a list of links to Dream’s social accounts below, including his follower count on each platform:

Dream Reaches 20 Million YouTube Subs

On March 29, 2021, Dream’s YouTube channel surpassed 20 Million subscribers on the platform. It’s unlikely that the Minecraft star’s success will stop there, as Dream shows no signs of slowing down.

The Dream SMP Server was on the most successful and well-received gaming series ever done, you can read more about that moment when Tommyinnit died on Dream’s SMP server at the link below:

Did Dream Reveal His Face On Twitter?

So, many fans have been wondering if Dream has done, or will do, a face reveal to celebrate reaching 20 million subscribers on YouTube?

Well, unfortunately, the news isn’t good. Even though the YouTuber’s replies are flooded with fans asking for a face reveal, he is yet to reply or actually reveal his face.

There were a lot of rumours that Dream uploaded a picture of himself to Twitter before quickly deleting it, but there is no official confirmation that this actually was Dream.

This wasn’t the first time fans believed they’d gotten a glimpse at Dream’s face after pictures started to go viral of Dream appearing on the TranswreckTV podcast. Again, this was fake and wasn’t actually confirmed to be real.

So it looks like fans will be waiting a little longer for a Dream face reveal, as the star has made no indication on Twitter about revealing his face.

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