Dream of Wind and Flowers Genshin Impact Guide: Solve Disorderly Wind Currents. Make a Windblume Offering to Anemo Archon

Here is all you need to know about the second quest in Act 3 of the Genshin Impact Windblume Festival.

Genshin Impact‘s popularity has been on the rise in the past few months, and the game shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. With over 40 million players and a constantly expanding playerbase, it is undoubtedly one of the biggest games in the industry right now.

While the game has tons of content already, miHoYo seems to have quite a long roadmap for the game. It had stated that a new update will be arriving every six weeks, and various leaks and rumors have suggested that there is a lot yet to come in the game. There is still a while to go for the upcoming 1.5 Update, but the 1.4 Update has brought a wide range of new quests, weapons, items and more.

Dream of Wind and Flowers Genshin Impact Guide: Solve Disorderly Wind Currents. Make a Windblume Offering to Anemo Archon

In the 1.4 Update, the Windblume Festival also makes its debut offering players a variety of quest which they can complete to earn rewards. The third Act of the Windblume Festival will be releasing soon. The second quest of the third Act is Dream of Wind and Flowers, and here is the description of the same.

On account of your contributions to Mondstadt, you have been chosen as this year’s Windblume Star. As such, you will be making a Windblume offering to the Anemo Archon, Barbatos, on behalf of the whole of Mondstadt. That said, what on earth is a Windblume?

While we are yet to get the exact details of the quest, we do know the tasks and rewards players will be receiving, thanks to Honey Impact. Here are the various tasks and rewards.

  • Wait for the appointed time and go to the Mondstadt plaza
  • Talk to Jean
  • Make a Windblume offering to the Anemo Archon
  • Talk to Venti
  • Go to Stormterror’s Lair
  • Solve the issue of the disorderly wind currents in the ruins
  • Talk to Venti

We will be updating the article with more information on completing the quest once the event is live.


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