Dreamfall Chapters’ January 2017 update Announced and Detailed

Dreamfall Chapters’ January 2017 update Announced and Detailed

As you may remember, last month publisher Deep Silver and developer Red Thread Games announced that it was bringing its 3D adventure Dreamfall Chapters to PS4 and Xbox One on March 24, 2017 both digitally and at retail. Today, the developer announced and detailed the game’s “January 2017 update.”

The announcement post starts off by apologizing to fans for its long silence, which it chalks up to being busy with “tight milestones” towards the end of 2016.

It then reveals that the developer has been working on the game’s next update — the January 2017 update — since last summer, and now its ready release said update (a new and updated version of the game ‘The Final Cut’) for its players on PC, Mac, and Linux to coincide with the console release.

As for the changes themselves, Red Thread Games said there have been changes made to character art, animations, music, sound effects, shaders, lighting, and gameplay. It’s not ready to talk specifics yet, but it did say it will have more information on console enhancements and special features before March 24th, as well as details about all the changes.

Looking ahead, the developer has also said it’s getting ready to finally make good on the promises it made back in September in the form of two patches. Patch number one, the game’s long-awaited German language patch, is currently in QA, but is expected to release soon

The second patch — the ‘benefactors patch’ –will update the game the missing in-game rewards, including the town crier and Benefactor’s Wall in Marcuria. Red Thread has said this patch is next on its schedule.

The studio is also working on the third and aforementioned patch ‘The Final Cut.’ Described as “the big one,” this patch as detailed above upgrades the existing game to match the console versions. This version will be included in the Kickstarter boxes around the same time the game’s launched on consoles, along with the remaining physical rewards.

Lastly, the developer pointed out that it’s aware of some of the issues it’s website and forums have been having in terms of performance and support, and that it plans to address these problems soon. According to the dev, it hasn’t had the resources available to remedy the issues, but addressing the situation is on top of its list of things to do.

Red Thread Games concludes the post with the following statement:

Things Take Time — almost four years now — but we haven’t left Dreamfall Chapters behind. Far from it! We’re still very much focused on completing the journey in a way we can all be proud of.

Once again, we want to thank all of you for making this possible. When our journey began four years ago, we had no idea where it would take us — and we’re grateful for having had this amazing opportunity. Wherever Red Thread goes next, it’s because of your support.