Dreams Beta is Still on Track for a 2018 Release, According to Media Molecule

Dreams Beta is Still on Track for a 2018 Release, According to Media Molecule

According to Media Molecule, the beta for PS4 exclusive Dreams is still set to arrive sometime in the remaining 20 days of 2018.

The release of a beta for Media Molecule’s Dreams has been a long time coming, almost to a fault at this point. It was announced for the PS4 in 2015 and still hasn’t arrived, likely due to how ambitious and large the game’s scope and tools supposedly are. Media Molecule remained adamant, even last month, that the Dreams Beta would arrive before the end of 2018. That being said, there are only 20 days left in the year and we still haven’t heard anything about the Dreams Beta’s release.

Even with no official announcement having been made yet, Media Molecule is somehow still standing by that 2018 release window. Their latest pledge of dedication comes from a Twitter reply to a complaining fan which states that “plans haven’t changed” and that more info will be shared when it is ready.

So, some of you may still be wondering what exactly Dreams is. In short, it’s poised to be a massive creation tool where players can manipulate the world and create thing in order to craft special worlds or even entire games. If Media Molecule is to be believed, there should be a near infinite number of possibilities for what players can do within Dreams.

That being said, the game is set to include some levels and areas made by Media Molecule themselves and will allow players to easily access community creations, so those who don’t want to create may still find some enjoyment out of the game. If Media Molecule is right and the Dreams Beta does in fact make its 2018 release window, DualShockers will be sure to let you know when it happens.