Looks Like Media Molecule is Finally Going to Talk More About the Dreams Beta Tomorrow

Looks Like Media Molecule is Finally Going to Talk More About the Dreams Beta Tomorrow

After continuing to state that the beta for Dreams will still release in 2018, Media Molecule seems ready to talk more about its release in a livestream tomorrow.

Over the past few weeks, developer Media Molecule has continued to tell fans that they still plan on releasing a new beta for their upcoming game Dreams before the end of 2018. With the end of the year rapidly approaching though and Media Molecule remaining relatively silent, many of us have been wondering on just when they plan on releasing this demo.

Well, as of today, it seems likely that we’ll finally be hearing more about this long-desired Dreams beta tomorrow. In a tweet released by the studio today, it was announced that there will be a new developer livestream taking place tomorrow at 12:00 PM EST. However, what seems to indicate that this stream will likely have something to do with the Dreams beta is that they’re referring to it as a “totally normal Dreams stream.”

It seems pretty clear that Media Molecule is teasing their audience here. While they might not outright be confirming that tomorrow’s stream will have news on the Dreams beta, to call it a “totally normal stream” when the talk surrounding the company the past few weeks has solely been about that of the beta’s release seems to prove that they’re having some fun with fans before outright revealing more details tomorrow.

If I had to personally guess, it wouldn’t be a shock to just see the Dreams beta release tomorrow right after this stream. And even if it isn’t out tomorrow, a release for some point this week seems like a pretty safe bet, especially with the holidays taking place next week.

Either way, we’ll surely learn more tomorrow. We’ll fill you in here at DualShockers once we have more word on just what Media Molecule discusses their stream.