Dreams Public Beta Signs-Ups are Live Now

Dreams Public Beta Signs-Ups are Live Now

Media Molecule has now made available the Dreams beta to the general public.

After literally years of waiting, Media Molecule finally gave some players access to the creator’s beta for Dreams late last month. While this beta was at the time only confined to those subscribed to Media Molecule’s newsletter, today, the developer has finally opened sign-ups for everyone to now get in on the action.

If you aren’t familiar with what the Dreams beta will offer, it is the first instance in which Media Molecule has allowed those outside of its studio to go hands-on with the creator tools that the game features. Not only is the studio looking for feedback on what has been included in Dreams and what could be made better, but it’s also looking to see just what ideas people think up with the given tools. Media Molecule even highlighted some of these creations from the closed beta portion of Dreams earlier today on its Twitch channel.

If messing around with these devices sounds like your cup of tea, then as of this moment, you can head over to the official PlayStation website to sign-up and get in on the beta action for yourself. For those in EU regions, you can click right here to sign-up, while those in the United States will need to register by clicking here.

While the beta for Dreams might now be readily available for all, it’s still uncertain just when the game is scheduled to arrive. Whenever that is, though, it’ll be coming exclusively to the PS4.