Dreams Creator Disarmed Creates Incredible Set Recreation of Remedy’s Control

Dreams Creator Disarmed Creates Incredible Set Recreation of Remedy’s Control

Dreams creator Disarmed has given the community some of the most visually impressive creations. Their new Control trailer is no different.

Dreams is one of the most interesting games on PS4. Media Molecule has provided players with a toolset that allows some amazing creativity. One of the better creators is a player who goes by Disarmed. Some of his work is absolutely stunning and his latest is no different. This one is a recreation of a few sets from Remedy’s newest game Control. The level of visual detail is baffling and these shots look right out of the game. Give the short video a watch.


The first scene uses some neat visual trickery to put a mirror in a game that doesn’t actually have them. It’s a simple copy-paste, but the effect is seamless. It also shows off just how skilled Disarmed is at sculpting in Dreams. Further along, there’s a scene of a hallway lined by ferns. The lighting here is spot on. The way it spills out of the open doorway gives the scene that eery vibe straight out of Remedy’s latest.

Disarmed goes into detail about how they build water in Dreams. It’s an intriguing look into how detailed each scene has to be to excel at what Disarmed calls the “game of illusions”. Of course, Disarmed has done much more than just this Control video. His Guardians project might be the most impressive thing anyone has created in Dreams. Disarmed shared a reveal trailer last month that is incredibly impressive. I’ll link it below.

GUARDIANS – REVEAL TRAILER – WIP project being developed using DREAMS – ( formally project zero. ) from PS4Dreams

Dreams is available on PS4 now. The creations people are making have continued to impress as the community gets better and better versed in the toolset Media Molecule developed.