Dexter’s Lab Recreated in Dreams and it Looks Wonderful

Dexter’s Lab Recreated in Dreams and it Looks Wonderful

Dexter's Lab is the latest property to get an amazing Dreams world built around it. It looks just like the cartoon and progress on turning it into a game is moving along nicely.

The 90s kid in me swooned when Cartoon Network’s own Dexter’s Lab appeared in my Dreamsurf this past week. A creator by the name of culosoman has taken the beloved cartoon and started work on giving it a playable game in the Dreams engine. So far, the build has Dexter’s house and neighborhood, along with his famous lab. Most Dreams creations look fuzzy due to Dreams’ visual style. This creation stands out because everything looks incredibly sharp and just like the cartoon.

Thus far, the game is pretty barebones from a gameplay perspective. You can walk Dexter around in different environments, but you can’t do much else. Triangle lets you both interact with a few objects and change Dexter’s expression from either wide-eyed optimism to beady-eyed anger.

The interactable objects are few and far between; however, the things that are there are pretty great. When you enter Dexter’s room, you can interact with the bookcase, which plays a nifty animation of a series of doors unlocking to open up his lab. Inside the lab, there are a few experiments you can check out, including the Robo-Dexo 2000. For now, the giant robot just opens its foot, but maybe someday you’ll be able to pilot it.

Other areas you can explore do not have the same level of detail. You can go outside and see Mandark’s massive lab, but otherwise, there isn’t much to do yet. That said, the screen on Dexter’s computer says that there aren’t any quests for him to do now, but there will be soon. Hopefully, this creator continues to work on this world because what they have so far is really cool.

Dreams is available now in early access on PS4. Get in there and check out all the cool things people are building.