Dreams Early Access Period Nears Its End, Media Molecule Announces “The Impys”

Dreams Early Access Period Nears Its End, Media Molecule Announces “The Impys”

Dreams is nearing the end of its early access period and, to celebrate, developer Media Molecule is hosting a new award show, The Impys.

Media Molecule’s Dreams is a great example of the incredible creativity that resides within the video game community. Since the game’s early access launch in the early parts of 2019, hundreds of amazing creations have been developed within Dreams. Media Molecule announced that Dreams is soon coming out of early access and into full release. To celebrate, the studio is holding its first annual Impy awards, which will recognize all the hard work being done by creators in the community.

Dreams will enter into full release very soon. If you want to pick up the game at the early access price, you can do so for another day. After December 7, the early access version will no longer be available. And, of course, anyone with the early access version will be upgraded to the full version of the game for no charge.

The Impys are Media Molecule’s version of the Oscars. Players can nominate their favorite creations for several different categories and then Media Molecule will select the final shortlist of nominees from there. A few of the categories are fully fan-voted, while other awards will be selected by Media Molecule staff and a few special guest judges. This seems like a great way to recognize some of the best work being done in Dreams. Plus, it serves the dual purpose of improving discoverability for the very best creations. The full list of categories is at the bottom of this post.

Dreams is available exclusively on PS4 now. The early access price will go away after tomorrow, so hop in now if you’re interested. The Impys will be announced on January 26 and nominations open on Monday. Below is the full category list:

  • Creator of the Year
  • Dream of the Year
  • Best Visuals
  • Best Narrative
  • Best Sculpture
  • Best Song
  • Best Animation
  • Best Gameplay
  • Best Curator
  • Best Character
  • Best Sound Design
  • Best Voice Acting
  • Funniest Creation
  • The ‘’Awww-ard’ (Oh wow, it’s SO cute)
  • Most Improved Dreamer
  • Hidden Gem Creator*
  • Hidden Gem Dream*
  • The Wish-I-Had-Thought-Of-That Award*
  • Community Star*
  • Most Helpful Dreamer*
  • Favorite Streamer*

*Voted by community