Dreams is Creating Job Opportunities for Future Game Developers

Dreams has opened doors for people who want to develop video games, and now some are finding new careers in the industry.

Dreams is an always-expanding universe powered by the tools to help players build and play other community-created video games. The PS4 title, created by Media Molecule, creators of LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway, has opened doors for players who have taken advantage of the tools to create fan-favorite remakes as well as original titles.

The game has also opened job opportunities for these future game developers.

Dreams is like Maya, Unreal, Fruity Loops, Sony Vegas, and Photoshop all bundled into one $40 package. It’s super intuitive and easy to get started too,” said Kevin H., one of the creators of Beyond, a No Man’s Sky fan game that was created in just a few months.

“I really wanted to show how powerful Dreams was [as] a game-creating tool, so I tried tackling one of the hardest games I could create,” Kevin added. “I ended up choosing No Man’s Sky—not only for its technical feats, but also for how fun I perceived the game would be to make a play.”

It’s worth noting that Beyond isn’t as extensive as No Man’s Sky. The engine presented in Dreams isn’t powerful enough to create something of that scope yet, but it is welcoming the creativity of people who want to dive into game development, and is igniting the inspiration that could potentially lead creators toward jobs in the video game industry.

Creator Jimmyjules153, who had never done any kind of professional programming or tried to create a game before, jumped into Dreams to test out its potential. “The tools are beyond anything I could have imagined on any platform. I could immediately see the potential for what this game could become with a supportive community behind it.”

He made an arcade shooter called Blade Gunner, an homage to the PS4 game Resogun. In it, players fly through a cylindrical arena, fighting off waves of enemies that include UFOs, flying mines, and flying eyeballs.

“I didn’t expect the kind of support that my game received, but it makes me happy I was able to entertain so many people,” he added. “There are some brilliant games on the front page, and it’s an honor to be chosen among them.”

However, the honor didn’t stop there. He continued, “I was approached by a European game development company who asked me to join their team. I’m excited for the future and where this may take me!”

Dreams is available now on PS4.

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