Dreams Player is Attempting to Create Dreams 2 Inside of Dreams

Utilizing boundless creative power, Twitter user @ImNotReal_DS is already attempting to create Dreams 2, made in Dreams.

February 21, 2020

The creative limits of Media Molecule’s latest opus, Dreams, is nearly boundless. From recreations of upcoming video games to breakfast meals that look better than the real thing, fans are creating works of genius that would give Peter Molyneux pause. One local area resident, going by user @ImNotReal_DS on Twitter, feels like the current version of Dreams doesn’t go far enough, however.

In order to give creators what they really need, this player is harnessing the power of MM’s Dreams and has begun working on Dreams 2 inside of the game. DualShockers was able to sit down with this young creator after he got home from school before he had to start on his homework, giving us an in-depth preview of what we can expect in his upcoming release.

@ImNotReal_DS explained that his idea came about when he realized that if Minecraft players could create calculators using blocks and dust, he deduced using simple theoretical math that creating Dreams 2 within Dreams is easily doable. We sat down and got to see how his project is coming together so far. Navigating the menus, we arrived at his Dreamiverse and he loaded up his current build of Dreams 2. We were treated to an impressive recreation of the main menu screen from Dreams, with a flashy new “2” added onto the end.

Currently, that is all that @ImNotReal_DS has gotten done. The demo ends with an outline planned for upcoming features that players can look forward to in the sequel.

“Right now, with the title screen done, I think I’m in good shape to start tackling the other main features, ” he begins to tell us: “Native 8K support at 120fps are first up.”

When all is said and done, @ImNotReal_DS plans to have Dreams 2 running at a stable 120fps at 8K, featuring VR support, new creation tools, and cross-platform support between the PlayStation 4, 5, the Xbox Series X, Switch, and SEGA Dreamcast. When we asked how he planned to do that feature, seeing as Dreams is only on the PS4, @ImNotReal_DS smiled and stated simply, “They all plug into the same TV, don’t they?”  We aren’t exactly sure what he meant by that, but unfortunately we didn’t have any time left. We were quickly shuffled out as we were informed by his parents that it was time for him to start on his homework, and thanked us for stopping by.

Dreams is an incredible piece of modern-gaming technology. The creativity it brings out in its players is magical. It will be exciting to see what @ImNotReal_DS brings into the equation with the sequel that he is making inside the game. There is a very real likelihood that 100 years from now, art historians will have long forgotten about the Mona Lisa, instead showcasing Dreams 2 creations in its place. If it ever gets completed, that is. Being only 10 years old, the possibility of him dropping it and find a new passion project within the next week is highly likely. Check back for any and all news and updates on Dreams 2, made in Dreams!


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