Dreams Launches on PSVR Today With an Exciting New Trailer

It's finally time to have some VR Dreams.

Dreams finally comes to PSVR today. The astounding creation suite has been a hit since its early access period kicked off on PS4 in April 2019. Since then, the game has slowly improved and expanded into a fully-fledged product with tons of great creators making awesome things. And now, those same creators can jump into the VR space. The possibilities feel limitless. To celebrate the launch, the team at Media Molecule dropped a new trailer showing off some of the early things players can hop into. Check it out.

Of course, this being the early days of Dreams in PSVR, don’t expect anything too ground-breaking. That will come. For now, I would expect, as you see in the trailer, lots of first-person shooting and some Moss-style platforming. Of course, those games don’t look bad. Far from it, actually. It’s just going to take some time for the really innovative creators to get their feet under them and build their next masterpiece.

It’s also worth noting what the PSVR release means for asset-building. No longer are builders restricted by their previous confines. Now, you can fully get into the thing you’re building, just as you would in real-life. It’s a neat by-product of the release, that I’m intrigued to see in action.

Dreams is available now on PS4 and PSVR. Importantly, whether you build your creation in VR or not, it’ll be playable by everyone. That’s a key move that ensures creators and players won’t feel like they have to play in one place or the other. As someone who has enjoyed the fruits of Dreams already, I’m so excited to see what comes now that VR has been unlocked.

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Ricky Frech

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