Dreams PSVR In Development as Media Molecule Opens Testing Applications

Media Molecule want testers to ensure a VR experience in Dreams is done right.

May 25, 2020

Dreams is certainly a title that’s full of creative creations from players who make use of what is essentially a gamified game engine. Some players just play the in-game creations known as “Dreams” while others spend the time creating, providing new worlds for others to explore. One feature that has been asked for from the community looks to be making its way to the title as Media Molecule is asking for testers for PSVR.

The testing roles are open to those in Europe only and people wishing to jump in and playtest the PSVR version of Dreams will need to fill in an application. You’ll find yourself answering questions based on your location and availability, previous testing experience, your experience with Dreams, and more.


If accepted you’ll be adhering to an NDA and will be paid £200  to take part in a “3-phase project”. The first phase will find you taking part in a 1-hour introductory video call. Phase 2 will require you to play the game for 2 weeks, keeping a diary of your thoughts and experience every 1-2 days while playing the game. The final phase will consist of an interview and payments processed.

Dreams seems to undergo heavy testing before being churned out to the public. The game was in an early access status from April 2019 and finally launched in February 2020. It appears as if a PSVR version will be tested just as heavily to ensure the experience is right.

It’d certainly make for some creations, such as this one from BadRobo82, a pleasure to experience in virtual reality. Do you think you’d make use of a PSVR version of Dreams if it launched? The game is available now exclusively for PS4. In addition, the studio has been toying with allowing creators to export their creations for business uses outside of the game, further helping creators with potential job opportunities in development,

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