Dreams Showcases Some Demo Footage After Sony’s E3

Dreams Showcases Some Demo Footage After Sony’s E3

PS4 title Dreams gets a chance to shine with some of its gameplay and creations showcased during and after Sony's E3 Conference.

Today, Sony showcased Dreams during Sony’s E3 2018 Press Conference and after. For those who aren’t familiar, the game is an upcoming PS4 title that will feature user-generated content under the tagline of “play, create, and share”.

Promising to be a user experience not unlike Little Big Planet, snippets of media created in Dreams was showcased intermittently throughout the conference as well as a formal look at some of the game following Sony’s E3 conclusion. Dreams promises to offer players a unique and adaptive gameplay experience, allowing them to create musical symphonies, videos, text adventures, and more in the game’s world of infinite possibilities.

During the gameplay, we see the co-op capabilities of the game right away as two players and can test and edit the same creation simultaneously. We get a chance to see some of the charming assets of the game in use as players change everything from environments to the color of the sky with what appears to be relative ease.

You can check out the extended gameplay below thanks to GamersPrey. Expect to see Dreams sometime this year for PS4.

If you want to see more from Sony’s E3 2018 Press Conference, then you can watch the recording of the full press conference here.