Drew Murray Announces He’s Leaving the Initiative

Drew Murray Announces He’s Leaving the Initiative

Drew Murray, a design lead at Microsoft's new studio, the Initiative announced that he's stepping down to focus on his personal life.

Drew Murray announced that he’s resigning from his position as Design Director at Microsoft’s dark horse studio, The Initiative. The games industry veteran who’s worked on franchises like Ratchet and Clank and Sunset Overdrive says he’s stepping back from his role to focus on his personal life.

It’s been almost two months since The Initiative debuted the trailer for their long-rumored reboot of Perfect DarkSince then, Microsoft has been nearly radio-silent on the project. In fact, Murray’s announcement is the only glimpse of information we’re likely to get on the project for a long time.

Murray didn’t offer any information about where he’s headed next, but based on his announcement, he might not work in development for a time. Although his future is unclear, he’s didn’t beat around the bush about how excited he is to play his former studio’s upcoming game.

Despite his short tenure at The Initiative, Murray lauded the team he worked with at the Santa Monica-based studio that he helped to build with help from talent from other nearby studios like Sony Santa Monica and Rockstar Games and Microsoft’s deep pockets.

Microsoft hasn’t revealed a release date or even a window for Perfect Dark. While rumors suggest that two unannounced first-party Xbox games are set to release, neither is likely to be Perfect Dark. In a LinkedIn post, Xbox’s Narrative Director Dave Morgan said that multiple “exciting new AAA titles” are set to come out soon.