Drilling Has Never Been More Furious

Drilling Has Never Been More Furious

width="150"For all you drillers out there, NAMCO BANDAI has announced the release of Mr. DRILLER: Drill till you Drop for download at the Nintendo DSi Shop for 500 DSi Points in North America. The European version will be released on April 16th, 2010.Mr. DRILLER: Drill till you Drop takes the classic game play of the Mr. DRILLER series and enhances it with a number of improved features for the Nintendo DSi handheld system.

With over 40 stages, 6 unique playable characters, and 3 modes of game play, including Mission mode, Time Attack mode, and the Nintendo DSi exclusive Dristone mode, Mr. DRILLER: Drill till you Drop will keep gamers playing for hours. With the Nintendo DSi system’s dual screen format, players can foresee incoming falling blocks from above.

Here is a rundown of the all the playable modes:

Mission mode: tasks players to dig through ever increasingly deeper or more challenging locales

Time Attack mode: enables players to race against the clock to reach predestined goals

Exclusive Dristone mode:tasks players to drill through a labyrinth to collect the Dristones which can be used to gain distinct advantages and power-up abilities

Check out Mr. DRILLER: Drill till you Drop now exclusively on the Nintendo DSi. Rated E for Everyone.