DrinkBox Studio Talks PlayStation NEO and Xbox One.5 In Latest Interview

It seems like the developers behind Severed and Guacamelee are slightly less concerned about PlayStation 4.5 (“NEO”) and Xbox One than some may have thought. In a recent interview with GameIndustry.biz, DrinkBox Studio’s co-founder Chris Harvey had this to say regarding indie studios and the possibility of additional current-gen console SKUs:

For a big developer, they might not necessarily be overjoyed about [PlayStation 4.5 or Xbox One.5] because of additional work that may have to go in to support different hardware SKUs, but as an indie developer, it’s not really that big a deal. Our games are not exactly pushing the edge of the devices anyway. So from our perspective, there might be some additional certification stuff to make sure it works, but it’s not going to fundamentally change how we develop our games for the consoles.

That’s not to say that the statements are solely concerned about the logistics — console launches (whether iterative or a new generation altogether) provide valuable business opportunities for games to get more attention.

There’s kind of a reset on the storefront, so if you can put out games there early, there’s an opportunity there to get a lot more eyeballs. And that’s part of the reason we shipped Mutant Blobs Attack as a launch title on the PS Vita. We knew from experience. Pseudo Interactive had done a couple of games that were basically launch titles, and we knew from talking to people internally that they always viewed that as a very positive opportunity. As developers, there’s no objection to more power. And from a business standpoint, if we can get in there early, we’d see a big benefit to that hardware reset happening every few years.

DrinkBox Studios has been in the news lately, following the launch of their PlayStation Vita exclusive game Severed. And though this may speak to the interests of indie studios, little is known about how larger, more demanding developers/publishers feel about the notion of an iterative console.

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