DrinkBox Studios Looks To Be Teasing Next Game On Twitter

Drinkbox Studios, the team behind both Guacamelees and Severed, is teasing their next game on Twitter. It's sure to be a banger.

DrinkBox Studios is the team behind games like Guacamelee 1 & 2, Severed, and Mutant Blobs Attack. The studio has shown an aptitude for delivering inventive games with tight mechanics. We haven’t heard from them since they put Guacamelee 2 on Xbox One in 2019. So, now is about the time you’d expect to start hearing about their next project. And so, the team took to Twitter today to seemingly start up the hype machine for whatever they’re working on next. Check it out.

Obviously, it’s not much to go off of. I mean, a set of blinking eyes hardly gives us any indication of where DrinkBox Studios is heading next. That said, it is great to see one of the finer indie studios out there start to reveal a new game. Personally, I’m guessing this is a completely new IP, though I could see a case for another Tales from Space game. It’s been around eight years since they’ve revisited their first property. Maybe now’s the time?

Regardless, it’s fair to expect something great out of DrinkBox. Since releasing Guacamelee in 2013, they haven’t really missed yet. Severed may have not caught the commercial world on fire upon release, but the game is a blast to play. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly suggest you give it a go on your mobile device. And you don’t need me to tell you that both Guacamelee games rule.

So, while we know next to nothing about DrinkBox Studios’ next game, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on. The team is incredibly talented and I fully expect whatever they do next to knock it out of the park yet again.

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