Drive Your Roommate Crazy and Win a Prize

on September 17, 2010 7:46 PM

Drive Your Roommate Crazy and Win a Prize
Are you a college student unfortunate enough to return to your dorm after a long day of classes, only to find your roommate jamming out to the most annoying song that ever crossed your ears? Is this on a daily basis? Does it make you want to bash your head in?  If your answer is yes to these questions, then Rude Gameware has the contest for you!

Starting today, the “Drive Your Roommate Musically Insane” will give people the opportunity to send in a song they find to be incredibly annoying, maddening and just generally “drive people crazy” kind of material. For people who want to send in their song or for those who just want to vote, go to Rude Gameware’s website and enter to win.

The rand prize winner will receive a “Defense Against Annoying Roommates” package that includes a Primal Wireless Headset and Mic for the Xbox 360, a Primal PC Gaming Headset, a Fierce Teflon mousepad, a Rude Gameware shirt and finally, a six pack of Rude Enegry Drinks. Two second place winners wll receive the Primal PC Headset, the shirt and two Rude Energy Drinks. Lastly, three third place winners will receive the Rude shirt and one energy drink.

All contestants can enter as much as they want, but the deadline is October 4, 2010.

Being a gamer since the age of 6 (thanks to my parents), a desire to pursue a career in the gaming industry has been my passion ever since I laid my hands on Sonic the Hedgehog. Some of my favorite games include Shadow of the Colossus, Okami, Duke Nukem 3D, Final Fantasy 6, Killer7 and both the Devil May Cry and Resident Evil series.