Driveclub: 60 Screenshots Show New Cars and Liveries: Japanese Cars Roar on PS4 at Last

on July 1, 2015 4:42 PM

They’re here at last. In the end a DLC including Japanese cars took longer than the infamous PlayStation Plus Edition, but we can finally ride some sweet horsepower from the archipelago of the rising sun.

As usual, to give you a better glimpse on whether the DLC are worth your money, below you can find screenshots from all the new additions, including liveries, tours and cars.

Notably, all the artwork for the Velocity Tour was produced by Velocity developer Futurlab, and it looks really sweet.

RPM Liveries

DRIVECLUB™_20150701080947 DRIVECLUB™_20150701081115 DRIVECLUB™_20150701081043 DRIVECLUB™_20150701081016 DRIVECLUB™_20150701081145

Velocity Liveries

DRIVECLUB™_20150701081508 DRIVECLUB™_20150701081719 DRIVECLUB™_20150701081651 DRIVECLUB™_20150701081601 DRIVECLUB™_20150701081535

RPM Tour


Velocity Tour


Nissan GT-R

DRIVECLUB™_20150701085603 DRIVECLUB™_20150701091904 DRIVECLUB™_20150701091736 DRIVECLUB™_20150701090446 DRIVECLUB™_20150701090221 DRIVECLUB™_20150701090116 DRIVECLUB™_20150701085833 DRIVECLUB™_20150701085632

Nissan 370Z Nismo

DRIVECLUB™_20150701083924 DRIVECLUB™_20150701085022 DRIVECLUB™_20150701084809 DRIVECLUB™_20150701084632 DRIVECLUB™_20150701084418 DRIVECLUB™_20150701084153 DRIVECLUB™_20150701083953

McLaren 570S

DRIVECLUB™_20150701092515 DRIVECLUB™_20150701093643 DRIVECLUB™_20150701093500 DRIVECLUB™_20150701093245 DRIVECLUB™_20150701093036 DRIVECLUB™_20150701092857 DRIVECLUB™_20150701092620 DRIVECLUB™_20150701092547

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2015

DRIVECLUB™_20150701094040 DRIVECLUB™_20150701094930 DRIVECLUB™_20150701094745 DRIVECLUB™_20150701094706 DRIVECLUB™_20150701094456 DRIVECLUB™_20150701094425 DRIVECLUB™_20150701094214 DRIVECLUB™_20150701094127

Dodge Challenger SRT8 392

DRIVECLUB™_20150701095237 DRIVECLUB™_20150701100244 DRIVECLUB™_20150701100119 DRIVECLUB™_20150701100031 DRIVECLUB™_20150701095730 DRIVECLUB™_20150701095707 DRIVECLUB™_20150701095406 DRIVECLUB™_20150701095316

Peugeot EX1

DRIVECLUB™_20150701082225 DRIVECLUB™_20150701083450 DRIVECLUB™_20150701083228 DRIVECLUB™_20150701082947 DRIVECLUB™_20150701082714 DRIVECLUB™_20150701082639 DRIVECLUB™_20150701082420 DRIVECLUB™_20150701082311

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