Driveclub: 60 Screenshots Showcase New Cars and Liveries: American Muscle vs European Class on PS4

on April 29, 2015 7:50 PM

The new DLC packs released today for Driveclub finally added some much needed real American muscle cars to the game, on top of new liveries and tours.

The liveries in particular are quite fitting to muscle cars (and finally include some interesting ones), while the variety introduced by the Camaro and by the Charger is quite welcome.

Below you can see each new element, to help you better judge whether they’re worth the purchase or not. Of course remember that the colors chosen for the liveries do not attempt to make the cars look good, but just to help you easily identify the design.

TurboCharged Liveries

DRIVECLUB™_20150429213849 DRIVECLUB™_20150429213910 DRIVECLUB™_20150429213930 DRIVECLUB™_20150429214029 DRIVECLUB™_20150429214106

Evolution Liveries

DRIVECLUB™_20150429214137 DRIVECLUB™_20150429214413 DRIVECLUB™_20150429214346 DRIVECLUB™_20150429214321 DRIVECLUB™_20150429214255

Turbocharged Tour


Evolution Tour


Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

DRIVECLUB™_20150429221326DRIVECLUB™_20150429221454 DRIVECLUB™_20150429221544 DRIVECLUB™_20150429221834 DRIVECLUB™_20150429221933 DRIVECLUB™_20150429222219 DRIVECLUB™_20150429222413 DRIVECLUB™_20150429222613

Dodge Charger SRT8


Jaguar XKR-S Coupé

DRIVECLUB™_20150429230637 DRIVECLUB™_20150430002600 DRIVECLUB™_20150430002349 DRIVECLUB™_20150430002326 DRIVECLUB™_20150430002056 DRIVECLUB™_20150430002011 DRIVECLUB™_20150429230758 DRIVECLUB™_20150429230701

Ferrari F4o

DRIVECLUB™_20150429225426 DRIVECLUB™_20150429230304 DRIVECLUB™_20150429230102 DRIVECLUB™_20150429230016 DRIVECLUB™_20150429225831 DRIVECLUB™_20150429225743 DRIVECLUB™_20150429225538 DRIVECLUB™_20150429225447

Volkswagen Design Vision GTI

DRIVECLUB™_20150429223850 DRIVECLUB™_20150429225037 DRIVECLUB™_20150429225015 DRIVECLUB™_20150429224628 DRIVECLUB™_20150429224528 DRIVECLUB™_20150429224117 DRIVECLUB™_20150429224015 DRIVECLUB™_20150429225230

Rimac Automobili Concept_One

DRIVECLUB™_20150430002929 DRIVECLUB™_20150430010250 DRIVECLUB™_20150430005946 DRIVECLUB™_20150430005913 DRIVECLUB™_20150430005744 DRIVECLUB™_20150430005618 DRIVECLUB™_20150430003146 DRIVECLUB™_20150430003013

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