Driveclub: “Every Location Is Precise Down to the Angle of Light. Flora Is Detailed to the Species”

on January 15, 2014 5:56 PM

One of the most impressive elements of Evolution Studios’ upcoming PS4 exclusive Driveclub is the level of detail of the environments surrounding the tracks that will appear in the game, and a couple interesting new elements have been unveiled by Sony’s own Be Moved” website.

By scrolling all the way down to the PS4 section, which is the second to last one, not only you’ll be treated to a fantastic animation of a DualShock 4 controller assembling itself, but there also are a couple hidden paragraphs, one of which is about Driveclub.


Artists imagine new worlds. Engineers bring them to life. DriveClub is a new driving game that takes realism to the next level. Every location is precise down to the angle of light. Flora is detailed to the species. The cars are made of a staggering 250,000 polygons. So the feeling of driving is as real as the world created.

While we already knew the polygon count of the game’s cars, the parts about the angle of light and the rendition of the flora are impressive. While I’m not sure how easily a casual observer or even just a player speeding down a hill at 150 mph can notice the difference, it’s quite impressive to see how much attention to apparently negligible details has been poured into the game.

It’s just another hint on how much work goes into making the games we love, even if often we won’t even consciously notice its results.

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