Driveclub Taking as Long as GT5: “Not a Chance;” Rumors of Further Delay “Click Bait” – Sony Developer

Driveclub Taking as Long as GT5: “Not a Chance;” Rumors of Further Delay “Click Bait” – Sony Developer

Two days ago a story on IGN heavily implied a further delay of the upcoming PS4 exclusive Driveclub, even hinting to the possibility that the game would not be released in 2014.

That caused a lot of discussion on NeoGAF, and one user asked “Delay? Will this become the Gran Turismo 5 of the current gen?”  That sparked a response from industry insider DemonNite, who is known to be a Sony employee, even if his actual identity is kept under wraps:

Nah not a chance of that happening : p

When asked for further information, DemonNite mentioned that the game simply needed more time, and the initial delay, that was decided long ago, is a wise move. He also defined IGN’s story “click bait.”

umm, errm… the game needed more time and I think it was a wise move by them (this was decided long ago mind you).

Also IGN just being IGN with their click bait

It’s doubtless that the “going back to the drawing board” statement from Rhodes is very generic, and might very well indicate something that has been decided a long time ago, while the game could definitely be on track for a relatively imminent release.

As for the intervention by Sony’s PR, to which IGN’s story gives somewhat disproportionate relevance, that’s something quite standard in the industry and sounds a lot shadier than it is in reality. It happens a lot when a developer is asked specifics he’s not supposed to answer or even when he’s running out of time. It’s part of the game and it happened to me yesterday while speaking with Sucker Punch, for instance, and I’m sure not going to make a big deal out of it. It’s their job.

In the end, all we can do is to wait and see when Driveclub will be released, but I seriously doubt we’ll have to wait that much longer.

Update: considering that Driveclub‘s design director Paul Rutschynsky retweeted this article, we can probably assume that DemonNite is right, which isn’t very surprising.