Driveclub’s Replay Mode Unveiled in Spectacular Video

Driveclub’s Replay Mode Unveiled in Spectacular Video

If you’re curious to see how replays will look in Driveclub, the time has come, as Evolution Studios finally unleashed a video on the internet. If you’re wondering how good they are, here’s a spoiler: They’re really, really good.

Togeter with the video, which you can see at the bottom of the post, we also got some details on how things will work:

  • You can pause, rewind and fast forward (with L2 and R2) to get straight to the best bits and relive them over and over from every camera angle.
  • You only have one chance to save a replay, at the end of the event, but after doing so you can go back and watch it as many times as you like, whenever you like.
  • You have 50 replay slots available to you (and each slot can hold a replay equal to or less than 10 minutes long).
  • Like photo-mode, you can hide the UI and use the #PS4share button to save and share your favourite moments or races.

The description of the video itself adds more:

This video shows all of the 4 camera set types that you can switch between when viewing any of your replays. You can watch an entire replay from any one of these camera sets or you can change between them on the fly while you watch.

  1. Trackside cameras: fixed position cameras from spectator view points that follow the action. They are centred around the driver you have selected at any given moment in the replay (which you can change at any time).
  2. Vehicle cameras: fixed position cameras attached inside and outside the vehicle. You can cycle through these cameras at any time with the R1 button.
  3. Gameplay cameras: the six gameplay cameras you’re used to while driving (bumper, bonnet, dashboard, cockpit, near chase, far chase). You can switch between these cameras at any time with R1 and of course rotate and look-back whenever you like.
  4. “Replay” camera: this simply combines the 3 camera sets above and transitions seamlessly between them automatically. How it plays out is different every time.

The best thing is that you can enter photo-mode from any camera at any time, so you’ll never miss the perfect opportunity for a stunning #PS4share moment!

One thing is for sure: Driveclub keeps delivering. Just check out the video below, and you’ll know what I mean.