Driveclub’s Replays “Look Great” on PS4; Improvement Still Needed for PS Plus Edition; AI Won’t Be “Nerfed”

Driveclub’s Replays “Look Great” on PS4; Improvement Still Needed for PS Plus Edition; AI Won’t Be “Nerfed”

Tomorrow five new Japanese tracks are coming with a new update of Driveclub, but fans are still waiting for a few relevant feature to add further value to the game. Game Director Paul Rustchynsky talked about replays and private lobbies on NeoGAF:

Replays are looking great and are almost ready, hopefully we’ll be able to preview them soon.
Private lobbies are in development but we’ve still got plenty to do before this is ready.

He also declined to comment on possible upcoming Japanese cars:

All I can say is that we’ll continue to bring more cars from new manufacturers over the months ahead.

Furthermore, Rustchynsky confirmed that we can expect two tours a month every month until July (the opriginal DLC plan only covered until June, but apparently it has been updated to reflect the first DLC being made free):

2 new tours per month all the way through to July are all part of the season pass! So that’s 14 more between now and then, the tour team certainly have got their work cut out for them.

He also confirmed that photo mode will be available during replays:

Yep, it’ll be a great way to capture pictures : )

Evolution Studios also mentioned the PlayStation Plus edition, and the fact that further improvements are still necessary for it to see the light.

Yes, we are still developing Private Lobbies and planning to add them in a future update. The team working on this is focused on improving server performance, which will make supporting the PS+ Edition possible as well as adding Private Lobbies and improving many other areas of connected play.

With tomorrow patch we’re also getting an update to the AI, and the developer gave further details, explaining that tomorrow’s update will remove the problem of the AI drafting each other too effectively to overtake, and that the AI changes won’t be a “nerf.”

Try it after the update and let us know what you think. We’re not nerfing it.

Personally, I’m quite eager to get replays in the game, and even more to try my hand against the new AI.

I’m actually happy about how competitive it is, and I’m glad to hear that it’s not getting nerfed to appease those that can’t win against actually competitive opponents.