Drive!Drive!Drive! Launches Onto PS4 and PC December 13th; New Trailer Released

on November 18, 2016 11:39 AM

Today, developer Different Cloth and publisher Choice Publishing announced that their racing game Drive!Drive!Drive! is set to launch on PS4, PC, Mac, and Linux on December 13th. To celebrate, the developer also released a new trailer.

The game is also slated to come to PlayStation Vita sometime in the future, however, developer Different Cloth has confirmed to us that as of right now the Vita version is indefinitely postponed.

Never heard of Drive!Drive!Drive!? No problem — here’s everything you need to know, courtesy of the PlayStation Blog:

DriveDriveDrive is a driving game about racing multiple tracks at the same time. It’s kind of a mixture of arcade racing, repeated stupidity, track management, repeated stupidity, repeated stupidity.

Why is the game so repeatedly stupid? Well, that’s down to the AI that controls all the cars in the game that you yourself are not in control of. In DriveDriveDrive, AI is an initialism for Artificial Idiocy. Everybody is disastrously bad at driving, apart from you, and you can only control one car at a time. So you must manage your cars across up to four tracks in real time to score as highly as possible, hopping between them to save them from the vicious nature of our Intelligent Stupidity engine.


A price point was not revealed, however, a new trailer was. Check it out below:

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