Driver 2 Is Now Playable on PC Thanks to an Unofficial Port

Driver 2 Is Now Playable on PC Thanks to an Unofficial Port

Driver 2, an original PlayStation exclusive, receives an unofficial PC port that fixes its bugs and allows the game to run at 60 FPS.

Nearly two decades after its launch on the original PlayStation, now a PC port of Driver 2 is available under the name of ReDriver 2, which brings you the same experience at 60 frames per second.

Grand Theft Auto‘s dominant in the open-world genre almost started from the sixth generation of consoles with Grand Theft Auto 3 and its successors. But when you look back at the time that the original PlayStation was the cutting-edge technology of gaming, the Driver series was much more popular than Rockstar’s top-down open-world. Both Driver 1 and 2 were big hits for the PlayStation console at the time. Both games were developed by Reflections, a studio that is now a subsidiary of Ubisoft.

Driver 2 is a familiar name for those who have had the original PlayStation console. An open-world driving game featuring free-roam options, high octane police chase scenes, and a memorable story mode with some challenging missions. The series’ most glorious days are tied to its first two entries, plus the San Francisco version that was launched in 2011. The remaining versions of the game received poorly by players and media.

Thanks to this new unofficial PC port, the game is now playable at 60 FPS on PC with most of the bugs fixed. You can download it here.

The most recent version of the Driver series was Driver San Francisco, a big return for the franchise in the seventh generation that successfully hit the spot and delivered an excellent experience for the old-school fans of the game. Driver San Francisco was quite successful in terms of sales as well, exceeding Ubisoft’s expectations.

That being said, no one knows why Ubisoft didn’t request developers to work on another entry of the franchise. Reflections is now treated more like a support unit at Ubisoft, helping out other development teams in their upcoming project.