Driver: San Francisco Brings a Multiplayer Demo to PSN and XBLA

Not sure if you haven’t already noticed or not with the new PlayStation Store update but Ubisoft’s Driver: San Francisco has received not only a single player demo from last week but a multiplayer demo to throw on the top of it for this week. Multiplayer includes two competitive online modes: Tag; which you and five others can compete against one another to become the first to score 100 points. You’ll need to crash into the “tag” vehicle and play a friendly game of “You’re It!” The second mode: Trailblazer; another six player competitive match where you’ll have six minutes to earn points by staying within the yellow trailers of the AI controlled trailblazer car as it drives to its destination. First to score 100 points wins.

Driver: San Francisco is scheduled for release of September 6th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii.

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Tyler Christensen

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