Fortnite Twitch Streamer DrLupo Raises Over $1 Million in a Year Towards St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital

Fortnite Twitch Streamer DrLupo Raises Over $1 Million in a Year Towards St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital

Popular streamer, DrLupo, raises over $500,000 during his 24-hour stream. Raising over $1 million this year towards St. Judes Research Children's hospital

A big victory royale in the Twitch community as popular streamer DrLupo raised over half a million dollars in 24 hours towards charity. Originally looking to hit his $1 million raised towards St. Judes Research Hospital, he met that goal and exceeded it over $250,000 during the 24-hour stream.

During the 24-hour Fortnite stream, DrLupo made donation goals such as in-game obstacles and raffle entries. For example, players could donate $100 to make him drop an equipped weapon. Donations ranged across the board from $1 to a whopping $19,000, making one hell of a charity stream. DrLupo even matched $10,000 during the stream. After the goal was made roughly twelve hours in, it seemed Lupo was at a loss of words for the accomplishment he just made.

Concluding the stream, however, he tweeted out to everyone that supported to reflect his feelings briefly:

Some other internet personalities got involved with the cause, including Markiplier and Ninja. With other charity streams this year such as the Kinda Funny Games stream and Ninja’s recent charity stream, charity is looking like a trend in gaming that is much needed. Here’s to hoping 2019 is full of even more positive stories in the gaming community like DrLupo’s stream.

Of course, streaming isn’t the only thing that developers, publishers, and other gaming industry people are participating in charity during the holiday season. For instance, developer Rare is amazingly selling a 2019 calendar of the team dogs. The calendar is Sea of Thieves themed puppers, and all proceeds are going to SpecialEffect–a gaming-themed disability charity.

On another note, developers of 11-11: Memories Retold will soon be releasing a DLC, and in the spirit of giving will be donating the proceeds to War Child UK. Appropriately titled the War Child Charity DLC, the money will go towards an NGO to provide assistance to children in areas experiencing and living in the aftermath of conflict.