Drone Striker Trailer Brings Classic Arcade Shooter Action to PS VR

Drone Striker Trailer Brings Classic Arcade Shooter Action to PS VR

Drone Striker's launch trailer plays homage to the arcade lightgun shooters of yesteryear using PS VR's virtual reality technology.

In the 1990s we spent our time dreaming of a world where virtual reality games were common and easily obtainable while we played classic lightgun shooters such as Time Crisis and House of the Dead in local arcades. It seems that the future and the past are now colliding in the trailer for Drone Striker which brings that old school shooter style to PlayStation 4’s PS VR.

Published by Winking Entertainment which has previously Reborn: A Samurai Awakens to PS VR, Drone Striker is set during an apocalyptic war between man and machine. Robots have risen up against the human race, seeing it as a threat to their existence. It’s your job to take down as mechanical enemies as possible using an array of heavy weaponry including rapid-fire machineguns and shoulder-mounted missile launchers.

The trailer below shows the game in action, showcasing some of the enemies you’ll be up against. The opposing army of mecha insectiods comes in many different shapes and forms from weighty turrets standing on top of four sturdy legs for mobility to ariel combatants. We also get a glimpse of a bee-like boss as it tears through the ravaged city streets unleashing waves of missiles.

If you’re looking to relive the lightgun action of yesteryear in virtual reality, then you’ll be happy to know that Drone Striker is available on PlayStation 4’s PS VR now.