Drool: New God of War 3 Screenshots

That libidinous thumbnail that you’re currently looking at is the official God of War 3 box art for the US, ladies and gentlemen. A lot of us, after playing the demo were left astounded by the visual ecstasy that the game radiated. And that was just a taste of a game that wasn’t even in the final stages of completion yet. Are you drooling yet? No? Ok. Read on.

Along with the box art shown above, we have decided to tease you, and myself, furthermore by providing some of the latest screenshots of God of War 3 . Before you’re all asking whether or not this is indeed in-game, I will answer it for you: Absolutely. You will now succumb to drooling; after that, you will come into realization that God of War 3 won’t be released until March 2010 — a date which seems excruciatingly distant. and  I was left speechless looking at the still images of Kratos. The sad thing is, though, that we haven’t seen an updated trailer for the game – the same one that N’gai Croll and HipHopGamer saw – which left N’gai completely speechless. Supposedly, the trailer — which was supposed to be shown on January 18th — is no longer going to be shown, as per HipHopGamer. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Enough chatter. You’re desperate to look at the images, and I am desperate to show them to you. Behold, God of War fans! Fornication for the eyes!

[Images via Adriasang]

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