Drop In/Drop Out: Episode 1 — It’s Dangerous To Go Alone

Drop In/Drop Out: Episode 1 — It’s Dangerous To Go Alone

We'll be posting a new podcast here at DualShockers every week from now on and we hope you'll join us on this new experience we're calling Drop In/Drop Out.

Welcome to Drop In/Drop Out!

Starting today, Drop In/Drop Out will be a new weekly podcast hosted on DualShockers that features voices from a variety of its staff members. The show will mainly be laid back and conversational with usual topics focusing on games we’ve been playing while also discussing the recent news that has happened in the industry.

In this week’s first episode, Logan, Michael, and Steven touched on the following topics:

We’re still in the trial and error phase of Drop In/Drop Out at the moment, so please bear with us over the course of these first few episodes as we iron out the kinks and nail down the format of the program. We’ll also likely be publishing every Thursday moving forward, so you can look forward to new episodes hitting at that time.

And a huge thanks to HTML for allowing us to use their song “Liquor Store” as the opening theme of the show. You can find their music over on Bandcamp.

Episode 1 is attached down below if you’d like to listen in for yourself. Currently, we’re in the process of getting Drop In/Drop Out on major podcast services. It should appear on your own platform of choice by the time we roll out Episode 2 next week.

If you listen in, be sure to give us your thoughts in the comments or let us know what you’d like to see us discuss in a future episode!