Dropzone Update v1989 Out Today; Brings Gear Changes, Quality of Life Suggestions and Bug Fixes

Dropzone Update v1989 Out Today; Brings Gear Changes, Quality of Life Suggestions and Bug Fixes

Dropzone received a new update today that brings changes to gear, pilots and gameplay. The update also brings a number of bug fixes and quality of life suggestions.

Sparkypants Studios released a new update today to their MOBA style RTS Dropzone. Update v1989 is bringing changes to core gameplay, pilots and gear. In addition to these changes the update also brings quality of life suggestions and tons of bug fixes. Originally released as a paid title in February 2017, the game recently went free-to-play and has maintained a “Mostly Positive” rating on Steam.

Here is a full breakdown on update v1989, courtesy of Sparkypants Studios:

Gameplay Notes
  • Pushes and pulls no longer interrupt abilities
    • Example: Abilities like Palm Rockets and Dyno Vortex will no longer stop Recon’s Orbital Strike channel. The same goes for pushes and pulls affecting abilities like Pulverizers, Rocket Cluster, etc.

Dev comments: Previously, push/pull abilities would interrupt enemy rigs’ abilities, effectively acting as a silence. Removing the interrupt still gives players the advantage of re-positioning opposing units. This also opens up more possibilities for future gear, as push/pull abilities would have needed to be balanced with longer cooldowns if they always acted as a silence.

  • Detection on Damaged
    • Duration reduced from 2s to 1s
  • Input, Orders, and Responsiveness
    • Fixed an issue where abilities would queue until stun completion and were unable to be cleared. Issuing orders to stunned units will overwrite existing orders on that unit.
    • It is now possible to interrupt Litany of Plagues with a new ability order, such as Reconstructive Maneuver. Issuing active-ability orders to units casting an ability will queue the new order for as soon as the current spell is interruptible instead of the full spell cast.
  • Click priority for Kavash workers has been increased slightly
  • Boss Pit healing buff now provides 20 armor instead of having to compensate with healing rate

Dev comments: Players were able to overcome the regeneration of the boss minions by attacking them outside of aggro range. Providing additional armor lessens the effectiveness of attacks from outside the boss pit, when the boss isn’t aggro’d. Keeping the regeneration static makes sure the boss doesn’t heal too quickly when players briefly leave the aggro range.

  • Hive spawn and leash locations should now be symmetrical in regards to the uplink
  • Steam Achievement Changes:
    • Some changes were made to prevent certain achievements from being unlocked in certain modes
    • The following Achievements cannot be earned in Challenge Matches or Custom Lobby Matches
    • ‘Double Humiliation’ – Team Wipe the entire enemy team in a 2v2 match
      • Can only be earned in a 2v2 VS Humans match
    • ‘Don’t Move’ – Root an enemy Rig, and then destroy it while it’s rooted
      • Can be earned in any mode, Humans or AI
    • ‘Death From Above’ – Destroy an enemy Rig with the Tank ability ‘Landfall’
      • Can be earned in any mode, Humans or AI
    • ‘Home Sweet Horror’ – Destroy an enemy Rig while it’s healing in its dropship
      • Can now be earned in any mode, Humans or AI
      • The achievement text has been updated to no longer include ‘(PvP)’
    • ‘Easy Pickings’ – Destroy each Hive on the map at least once in a 2v2 match
      • Can be earned in either 2v2 Mode, Humans or AI
    • ‘All Cores Belong to Me’ – Upload 36 cores in a single match
      • Can now be earned in any mode, Humans or AI
      • The achievement text has been updated to no longer include ‘(PvP)’
    • ‘Interruption’ – Cancel an enemy Rig’s channeled ability with a silence
      • This Steam Achievement has been updated and is no longer limited to abilities that silence
      • The achievement text has been updated to reflect this change, the new text is ‘Interrupt an enemy channel’
      • Can be earned in any mode, Humans or AI
    • All other Steam achievements not including the ones above can be earned in any mode, Challenge Matches and Custom Lobbies included
Gear Changes
  • Gravity Gun (Summoner Weapon)
    • Damage increased from 110 to 160
    • Cast range reduced from 35m to 30m
    • Cooldown reduced from 36s to 28s
  • Laser Lens (Summoner Weapon)
    • Damage changed from –/–/400/450/500 to –/–/400/475/575
  • Crazed Banshee (Summoner Weapon)
    • Cooldown reduced from 25s to 18s at all levels
    • The missile now accelerates for 4 seconds, starting at 250ms after it’s been fired
    • The missile’s raw speed increases from 10m/s to 25m/s over 4 seconds
    • The missile deals between 0-50% bonus damage depending on how fast it’s going at the time of impact. Maximum bonus damage will be dealt after the missile hits max speed (4.25s)
  • Nanite Ray (Mechanic Weapon)
    • Now does additional damage / healing equal to 5% of the target’s max HP
  • Quantum Mire (Summoner Body)
    • Damage dealt now ignores armor
  • Stealth Plating (Gunner Body)
    • Cooldown reduced from 24s to 20s
    • Duration changed from 6s to –/6/8/10/12s
  • Thrusters (Gunner Body)
    • Now has 3 charges
    • Travel distance reduced from 26m to 11m
    • Travel time reduced from 400ms to 300ms
    • Cooldown reduced from 30s to 15s

Dev comments: We wanted to give Thrusters a more “active” feel, which also helps to differentiate Thrusters from Boosters. (We’ll probably take a look at sprucing up Boosters later on.)

  • Mass Field (Mechanic Utility)
    • Slow debuff duration reduced from 3s to 1s. The overall field still lasts the full 5.5s
  • Cleansing Cells (Mechanic Body)
    • Debuff immunity reduced from 4.5s to 2s
  • Martyr’s Boon (Mechanic Utility)
    • Health cost reduced from 300HP to 225HP
  • Core Shelter (Defensive Software)
    • Now grants the owner a stronger bonus than their allies
    • The owner gets +2 armor
    • Allies in the aura get +1 armor
  • Core Hammer (Offensive Software)
    • Now grants the owner a stronger bonus than their allies
    • The owner gets +10% auto-attack damage
    • Allies in the aura get +5% auto-attack damage
  • Core Drive (Propulsion Software)
    • Now grants the owner a stronger bonus than their allies
    • The owner gets +1.4m/s speed
    • Allies in the aura get +0.7m/s speed
Pilot Changes
  • Fury
    • Lowered her base speed by 0.25m/s (She now has the same base speed as other gunners: 9m/s)
  • Pandora
    • Litany of Plagues no longer damages friendly units. Friendly units within Litany of Plagues will still be affected by debuffs
    • Liberation, Pandora’s passive trait, will search for nearby allies within 25m, down from 30m previously
    • Liberation now grants %-based bonuses. When no allied rigs are within 25m of Pandora, she will regenerate 0.75% of her max HP every second, and gains 9% auto attack damage
  • Fury’s Special Move: Stunning Entry
    • Reduced the width of Stunning Entry from 7.5m to 4.5m. Decal updated to more accurately depict the AoE (both length and width)
  • Recon’s Special Move: Orbital Strike
    • Now ignores armor
  • Widget’s Special Move: Rapid Repairs
    • Duration increased from 6s to 8s
Miscellaneous Notes
  • The ‘Pilot Locked In’ symbol in draft has been changed from a checkmark to a lock to differentiate it from the ‘Player Ready’ checkmark
  • There is now a banner that displays when a player drops from a 2v2 or 3v3 match to better inform players that the AI has taken over for a teammate
  • A reload animation has been added to Laser Lens’ auto attacks to more clearly show when the next attack is ready
  • Global Chat Language Room choice is now saved as a local preference when the dropdown is changed, unless Dropzone is specifically booted up in a different language than the one set in the chat
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where a crash would occur if a beam was active when a player chose to resume a 1 player mode after finishing a Multiplayer Match
  • Fixed an issue where issuing commands with the mouse on top of the Ping Guide in Team Modes resulted in the commands being ordered in incorrect places
  • Fixed an issue where the Party UI would flicker if the player hovered their cursor over the Party Leader’s crown
  • Fixed an issue where the Match Results graph would split into multiple lines in 3v3 matches, as if each player were on their own team. These graphs are now properly team-based for both teams
  • Fixed an issue where vision granted by M.A.S.R. Flare was not shown on the minimap on the Player 2 side in replays
  • Fixed an issue where disconnecting and reconnecting to a 2v2 match could result in the AI not properly shutting off and still having control of the player’s rigs
  • Fixed an issue where the in-game chat log could overlap with the text field when a lot of text was displayed
  • Fixed an issue where no negative sound effect played when a unit was issued a move command or tried to use a movement ability while rooted
  • Fixed an issue where using Alt + 4 would upgrade the Rig in Position 1 of your squad
  • Fixed an issue where ability FX would not reposition correctly if units were relocated via abilities like Palm Rockets
  • Fixed an issue where turrets in Infestation mode could not be hooked by Palm Rockets
  • Fixed an issue where the resolution scaling setting was not defaulting to off / disabled properly
  • Fixed an issue where Observers in Custom Lobby matches would see the ‘Skip Draft’ option during the Drafting sequence
  • Fixed an issue where the Crazed Banshee missile would skip while in transit to its target
  • Fixed an issue where the ability decal for Cortex’s Nanite Ray was incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where the Fog of War checkbox in Replays was not toggling the Fog of War settings correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the Kavash Alpha in the first tutorial would not spawn correctly if Recon was spamming Stealth Plating
  • Fixed an issue where the Crazed Banshee ammo explosion FX did not play if it impacted with a Rig equipped with Shielded Actuators if the shield was active
  • Fixed an issue where hitting Esc to close In-Game chat would not properly clear the unsent message
  • Fixed an issue where an enemy unit’s hover pulse appeared as if the enemy unit was deselected when confirming an auto attack
  • Fixed an issue where party members would not match if a party member had one region selected but the party host had more than one region selected
  • Fixed an issue where a player could open their Profile menu after accepting a match, causing their screen to be obstructed by the Profile menu for the duration of the Draft
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing a Party of two or three to attempt to seek for 1v1 Unranked, which would cause an Invalid Parameters message
  • Minor localization fixes
  • Minor SFX fixes
Known Issues
  • There are known issues with words bleeding outside of their bounding boxes for every language other than English. Fixes are on the way
    Locking Observer slots in Custom Matches only works when both slots are empty
  • The Private Match setting only works when the game is already created, so someone can join in-between
  • Hive Link does not have a cast ring around hives to show where the ability can be cast
  • The ‘Easy Pickings’ achievement does not count Hives killed by a teammate towards the goal
  • Global Chat does not reflect your changed name until you have restarted the game
  • Party members that did not initiate a seek will see incorrect checkboxes sometimes (WIP)

Dropzone is available as a free-to-play title on PC via Steam.