DSi and DSi XL Gets Price Cut in Japan and New Colors

DSi and DSi XL Gets Price Cut in Japan and New Colors


Everyone’s been made aware recently of Nintendo’s newly speculated 3DS approaching the market. That said, most people are probably refraining from spending their hard-earned cash on Nintendo’s current handheld consoles – the DSi and the DSi XL. However, if you’re Japanese and have a strong urge to pick up the dual-screen portable console, you’re more than likely going to because of a nice little announcement from Nintendo having to do with a price drop on both iterations of the DSi, and a couple of new additions to the DSi XL’s color palettes (blue, yellow, and green).

The regular-sized DSi drops in price on June 19 from ¥18,900 ($205.55) to ¥15,000 ($163.13), while the DSi XL drops from ¥20,000 ($217.51) to ¥18,000 ($195.76). Want some better news? Yes? Ok. The DS Lite is now “open price.” What that means, for all of you out there with a bewildered look on your faces, is that retailers can price the device at their discretion.

No mention of whether or not this will affect other territories has been made, but, knowing Nintendo, this might occur in the near future.