DSi XL Release Date and Price Announced

on February 24, 2010 12:50 PM

DSi XL Release Date and Price AnnouncedI hated holding the DSi. For whatever sick reasons God had, he decided to mold my hands in a very ‘unique’ way. My palms are huge, and my fingers are the size of macaronis. Making a fist would be almost impossible as my fingers – which are so short – don’t overlap when closing my hands. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but still… the DSi did my hand no justice, which is why I’m excited to hear that the DSi XL finally has a release date and price announced for North America. Yea… I’m a fan of gargantuan tech toys.

At its Media Summit today, Nintendo announced that it’s hefty-sized DSi XL would be releasing on March 28 in North America with a meaty price of $189.99 (a $20 increase over it’s undersized sibling) to match its size. The DSi XL comes with a much larger screen and a much more adult-friendly stylus. With the Nintendo Media Summit continuing today, we’re hoping to hear of some new titles that might accompany it with its launch.


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