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Rarely if ever are DSiWare titles worth mentioning prior to release. I mean… Mario and Animal Crossing Clock apps? Doesn’t the system have an internal clock already? Well, ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to Foto Face: The Face Stealer Strikes is coming to a DSi near you. EA Play is proud to announce the title will be available this December and will utilize the camera and microphone (hopefully utilized well) for a very customizable gaming experience. Here are some of the details best described by EA Play:

Key Features

  • Put YOUR face & voice in the game! – Use the DSi cameras and microphone to capture your image for the game. Put on your angry game face! Record your heroic battle cry!
  • Choose the hero YOU want to be – Will you be the musclebound barbarian, the slick spy, or sneaky ninja? Switch between 8 costumes to solve the game’s puzzles and defeat your enemies the way you want to!
  • Add your friends’ faces! – Every character in the game needs a Face. Use the DSi camera to put your friends, family, pets, or even your own drawings in the game! Make funny faces for hilarious results!
  • Reclaim your stolen identify – The sinister Face Stealer has copied your face and is up to no good! Clear your name by chasing down this villain and bringing it to justice.
  • Upload your ingame photos – Show off you accomplishments by uploading your ingame photos for clearing each stage.
  • Explore exciting worlds – Your quest will send you through 15 levels across the Haunted Hills, Frantic Frontier, and the Mystic East. Enjoy the scenery and quirky inhabitants. Search every nook and cranny to collect all the stars.

Not too shabby for 800 DSi points. I know the screenshots below are pretty scary looking, I agree with you. Let’s hope none of you look as scary as them. Anyway… happy downloading!

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