Dual Destinies’ Lead Localizer Janet Hsu Details Graphics, Audio and Updated Translations for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

on August 22, 2014 2:44 PM

Janet Hsu, one of the main localization staffers at Capcom, delved into some more of the big changes coming to the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy on the official Capcom Unity blog.

Not only have the graphics been overhauled but the remastered version uses stereoscopic 3D background, which means that the character sprites and text boxes all sit on separate layers. This gives the game a greater sense of depth and clarity:

Ace Attorney

The audio and music has been decompressed as well, giving the sound effects, sound bits and soundtrack a much higher level of quality. For those not in the know, the trilogy first came out for the Gameboy Advance and due to the lack of space, all audio was heavily compressed.

The translation has gotten almost completely overhauled. All typos have been fixed (the miracle finally happen!) and other text has been reworked for better flowing dialogue and to make difficult cross-examinations easier to solve using logic. Finally, there’s great news for fans: the complete Japanese version will also be available in the trilogy. All in all, it looks like Capcom has put in a lot of effort for this remastered trilogy.

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