DualShockers Live: Featuring Vosty3

By Chad Yost

March 18, 2011

Let me start off by saying that I am extremely excited about joining the DS staff as a Community contributor. DS Live is a new Community driven initiative with a focus on live broadcast gaming events with developers, fans, and the DS Community. Through DS Live you will also be able to watch me make a fool of myself every time I get online playing my 360, PS3, Wii, or PC.

I am also excited to announce DS Live’s first event which is planned for Friday, March 25th starting at 7:30pm PST (see below event details for different time zones). I will be in game with Kevin Sherwood (Composer/Sound Designer @ Treyarch) & Elena Siegman (Vocalist for the zombie songs in COD). And we will be inviting Kevin & Elena’s facebook fans as well as the DS Community in game with us in that open 4th slot. During the cast observers will be able to watch game play on my justin.tv channel and hear Kevin & Elena in game responding to your question’s while we play Zombies. If you think you can make next Friday’s event drop a comment below, who knows you might even win a little something something by doing so…

How do I know when your live streaming game play? Simple by following my Justin.tv channel here: Vosty3 on JTV or by stalking me on Twitter here: Vosty3 & on the DualShockers Twitter.

DS Live Event

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Chad Yost

Chad has been hooked on video games since the early 80's beginning with the Coleco Vision. He is a fan of all genres of Video Games but spends most of his time playing FPS, Rhythm/Music, & Sandbox style games. Chad is Treyarch VIP, a self-described Social Geek & Community Guru. When he is gaming he is live broadcasting @ http://www.justin.tv/Vosty3

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