Dual Universe Developer Novaquark Using Talent of Original EVE Online Designer

Dual Universe Developer Novaquark Using Talent of Original EVE Online Designer

Developer and publisher, Novaquark, recently acquired one of Eve Online's original developers from CCP games to make Dual Universe a massive and unique gaming experience.

Hrafnkell Oskarsson will join Novaquark in the continued developing for the planetary sandbox universe of Dual Universe. Being an original designer for the hit PC title, EVE Online, Oskarsson’s job is to help turn the upcoming title into a platform of entertainment.

Dual Universe is based on a foundation of CSSC (continuous single-shard cluster) technology which can manage one universe with millions of users while maintaining a ‘no-loading screen’ virtual space. The game also carries a voxel engine to allow modifications to the entire playing field. The CEO and Founder of Novaquark, Jean-Christophe Baillie, had this to say on these technologies and their implementation within the Dual Universe game.

Competitors in the MMO genre tend to rely on simplified models to connect a few hundreds, sometimes a few thousands of players together in the same arena or instance, which are often not persistent and not interconnected…The experienced content is made by the company, and the players “consume” it. We have a new proprietary technology to change that and let millions of people together inside the same persistent, never stopping, virtual universe, where they are free to modify the world and create their own stories as they see fit.

Dual Universe is yet to have an announce date, but will be available for Windows. Want to know more of what it has to offer? Look through the gallery or the Dual Universe New Supporter Pack Kickstarter trailer below, or check out the official Dual Universe website.