DualCast and RetroShockers SnobCast Frequency Update

DualCast and RetroShockers SnobCast Frequency Update


We thought we would take a moment to update you on some recent projects we’ve been working on around the site – the main one being our new podcast, the RetroShockers SnobCast. This podcast focuses primarily on indie and retro gaming, and will be recorded bi-weekly for your consumption.

This kind of leads into the topic of the DualCast. As you know, we took a long hiatus over the holidays, and now we’re back with two brand new episodes in the last couple weeks. However, from here on out, the DualCast and RetroShockers SnobCast will be alternating weeks, so each show will be bi-weekly. This was done for a couple reasons.

First, we didn’t want to overload you with too much DualShockers goodness in one week, with three podcasts per week. You might explode, and we wouldn’t want to do that to any of our loyal readers/listeners. Secondly, a seperate crew is handling the new retro/indie podcast – Matthew Jay and Allen Park. This gives those of us who host and edit the other two shows a break. Since we’ve had such a hard time getting together for the DualCast in the past, a lighter schedule of two episodes a month was decided on.

We do appreciate the support of all our readers and listeners, and we hope you give our new podcast a shot. Even if you aren’t into retro or indie games, Matt and Allen are hilarious. So hit it up and let them know what you think!