DualCast Level 4 – Female Characters in RPGs

DualCast Level 4 – Female Characters in RPGs



Another week, another DualCast! Trust me when I say there is an almost unlimited amount of topics we can come up with regarding primarily RPGs, and this week is no different. Well, besides one fact – we had you, the listener, come up with our topic! We thought the topic we decided on was so good that we expanded it to fill up an entire podcast. The topic is female characters in RPGs – why they don’t often take the starring role, what this means from a cultural standpoint and what we’d like to see improved with regards to seeing strong female characters that we can actually relate to in RPGs, and really, any genre of game in general.

In this episode we also give away a copy of Persona 3 Portable to the winner of last week’s contest, who actually came up with our topic for this (and possibly next) week’s show. So, give it a listen, give us some feedback, let us know what you think, say hi or whatever – just hit us up in the comments and speak your mind!

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