DualSense Images Confirm Iconic Symbols Are Printed on Surface

DualSense Images Confirm Iconic Symbols Are Printed on Surface

The iconic symbols are printed all over the controller.

Back in June, there were some images floating around that seemingly showed that Sony’s next-generation PS5 peripherals and the console itself had a bunch of iconic symbols ever so subtly patterned on them. There has now been official confirmation after an Argentinian firm known as Evzen has revealed some close-up images of the symbols printed over the DualSense controller.

When the original images floated around, we spent a good hour comparing older marketing images to the newer marketing images at the time, but there seemed to be nothing official. VG247 did however run a story on it. It turns out we should have run with that as well because Evzen, an Argentinian firm (Thanks, VGC) shared some images on Instagram giving us a closer look at the DualSense controller.


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These symbols seem to be printed over a large majority of the controller, and going by the images earlier this year, we can expect to see the same with the camera and console. It’s certainly a nice little touch that brings some subtle character to the devices.

The DualSense controller is the controller that will be coming with the PS5 and will be replacing the current DualShock 4. It has been rumored that the controller might possibly be able to detect a user by how they hold the controller. It’s been heavily marketed for its unique features such as adaptive triggers, haptic-feedback, and more, so much that a whole trailer was dedicated to the sensation of using the controller.

It has also been confirmed that PS5 games will only be available to play with a DualSense controller to allow the player to really experience the next-generation gameplay, however, disabled players have concerns with that exclusivity.

The PS5 console is to be launching November 12, 2020.