These DualSense Mockup Controllers Based on PlayStation Franchises Look Insanely Good

These DualSense Mockup Controllers Based on PlayStation Franchises Look Insanely Good

Check out these incredible DualSense PS5 controller mockup design by Dorm

As you are probably aware, PlayStation dropped a big surprise on gamers everywhere. After a long time of wondering what the new PS5 controller would look like, PlayStation finally revealed that the new controller, equipped with a very different design, would be named the DualSense. The DualSense controller design has divided players, some really loving the sleek, simple white design while others proclaiming it to be ugly and not up to scratch; resembling the Xbox One controller way too much. For those who think that the PS5 controller could do with some sprucing up, allow me to introduce this amazing fan mockup inspired by PlayStation titles.

Dorm, whose a Twitch streamer and designer, thought that they would try their hand at crafting some very special mockup designs for the new DualSense controller due to him loving the look of it. Shown in the pictures are four different designs that Dorm created, each unique and just as wonderful as the last. Firstly we see a burgundy and white God of War art concept with its trademark Greek Omega symbol planted in the middle – followed by a lush green and jet black The Last of Us controller complete with the Fireflies symbol, then the unmistakable red and blue colors of the Marvel’s Spider-Man controller with a white spider on the touchpad and last but not least, a beautiful grey and blue Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 controller with a tallneck coated on the left.




I think it’s safe to say if you didn’t like the look of the original DualSense PS5 controller, you’ll certainly find something in Dorm’s artistically crafted PlayStation franchise mockup.

If you had been worried about the PS5’s launch due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Sony has reassured gamers that it doesn’t expect the launch of the PS5 to be impacted and it’s still set on a late 2020 release. A fanmade PS5 concept came from the dedicated PS5 community over at Reddit, where a user posted a collection of images around the design The most obvious design point is notably that the PS5 has the distinct look of the original PlayStation console. The design married both a modern and retro feel with this fan-made concept design, with serious nostalgia for the original PlayStation.

You can check out Dorm’s Twitter account for hopefully more mockup shenanigans. The PS5 is set to release later this year in the Holiday 2020 window at a still undetermined date and price. We should hopefully start to hear more of these details in the coming months, so stay tuned.