Four New DualShock 4 Controllers to Release Next Month

Four New DualShock 4 Controllers to Release Next Month

Sony is adding four sleek, new DualShock 4 controllers to their lineup in September.

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced this morning that four new DualShock 4 controllers will soon be available for purchase and they all look pretty darn sleek.

Each of these new controllers, as you might expect, boasts their own unique designs and color schemes. The Berry Blue controller has a light blue finish with purple thumbsticks, while the Sunset Orange controller has a burnt orange finish that also plays off of dark blue detailing on the back of the controller as well as on the face buttons. The Blue Camo controller is a variant of some of the past camo DualShocks that we have seen with the dominant color now being blue, while the Copper almost entirely, well, copper colored.

Personally, I love the Sunset Orange controller the most. I can’t really remember seeing an orange DualShock controller in the past and I’ve always been a sucker for warmer colors like red and orange. I have kind of been needing a new controller anyway, so maybe I’ll pick it up.

Anyway, you can check out images of the four new DualShock controllers below. Each of these new controllers are slated to release at an undetermined date next month for $64.99. Also worth noting is that the Coppper controller will only be available for purchase through GameStop at first, with it later coming to other retailers.