DualShockers Alumnus Paul LaCen Launches Advent Saga Kickstarter Campaign

on July 1, 2014 10:37 AM

Need a little more strategy in your life? The team at Pro-Gen studios may very well have something for you (if you help chip in of course). Like a proud Dad nothing makes me more excited than to see former DualShockers move on to bigger and better things throughout the industry. And in the case of writer Paul LaCen, he’s decided to carve out his own name by creating and launching a unique title of his own.

Featured in the diversity lounge at PAX East 2014, Advent Saga “is a multi-platform Digital Tactical Card Game that combines CCG fundamentals with the strategic gameplay of Tactical RPGs.” It sounds deep, and judging from the snippet of gameplay shown on the Kickstarter site, it certainly looks that way; core strategy RPG and table top players you can now rejoice.

The team at Pro-Gen is planning for a release on PC, Mac, Android and iOS. They’ve set their initial goal at $70K, with their final tier stretch goal set at $250K. Jump over to their Kickstarter page if you want to learn more about (and possibly support) Advent Saga.

Advent Saga Kickstarter

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